The Mitt

The Fend Antibacterial Wipe Mitt
Mitt features

High Five Features


1. Kills germs and 99.9% of bacteria.

Germs and bacteria are everywhere. We touch things with our hands then touch our face. So, we made a sanitizing solutions that kills 99.99% of bacteria on contact. That way, you don’t have to worry about what you touched and weather you rubbed your eyes.

2. One size fits all with full hand coverage.

Each one of us is unique but we’re all looking for the same protection. Fend mitts are designed to fit most hands, so no need to worry about which size to buy. Just slip one on and go.

3. Protective liner keeps hands safe and clean.

What makes Fend mitts different from anything else on the market is that you can wear it, and there’s our signature protective, plastic blue liner. That gives you the confidence of knowing that whatever you handle, it won’t come into contact with your skin.

4. Double-sided for extra sanitizing power.

Standard wipes can only take you so far. It’s a few square inches of sanitizing power then you’re done. Fend Mitts last longer because once you use one side, you can simply switch the mitt to your other hand and double the power.

5. Reusable with other solutions.

With traditional wipes it’s use it, then lose it. Not with Fend. They offer a second life which means more use and less waste. They’re handy for wiping down surfaces, cleaning car windows and even polishing the silver. Just add the cleanser of your choice and let the mitt do the rest.

Live Large, Stay Safe.

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