Our Story

Fend Antibacterial Wipes on desk
“How can we help people feel a little safer, confident they’re protected?”

What else could we do to look after ourselves and our families, any time there’s a “who-knows-what-I’m-touching” moment?

The answer is Fend Antibacterial
Hand Wipe Mitts.

The first of their kind, complete-coverage, wearable wipes. 75% alcohol on the outside, killing germs and 99.9% of bacteria, with a blue liner inside that puts an impermeable barrier between you and whatever nasties you might touch.

Live large. Stay safe. With the first wipe you can wear. Fend Wellness puts the power back into your hands.

We’re on a mission to help people live large and stay safe.

What if we could all feel safer and more confident when heading out the front door? Protecting ourselves, our families and others by fending off bacteria, and worry. Staying connected to people and things we love with a new kind of clean. That’s our mission, putting the power back into your hands.

Antibacterial Wipe Mitts and Yoga

Handle Anything.

Whatever you’re doing, whatever you’re touching, out in the world. Stay confident and safe, knowing you’re protected from unsafe contact with uncertain surfaces and the germs that live on them.